Studies, reports and user assessments

Studies and Reports on REALice®

  • University of Eindhoven Assessment Summary

    Examination of the Properties of Vortex Processed water by the University of Eindhoven

  • FortisBC Large Scale Pilot

    FortisBC Ice Rink Resurfacing Efficiency Pilot official report. Refer to ice quality ratings on page 5.

  • Southern California Edison Report

    Ice rink water treatment system assessment, by Southern California Edison, 2010.

  • Savings and Ice Quality review from Zurich, Switzerland

    Independent report from the Ice rink Oerlikon in Zürich

User Assessments

  • 5 year assessment at Fuller Lake Arena, BC

    Fred Kilner, former facility supervisor shares his insight after using REALice for more than 5 years.

  • 5 year assessment Spartan Arena from the Castleton University

    Steve Wolf shares his success with the REALice system.

  • Operators share their experience

    6 Success stories across North America, including WinSport Calgary (Home of Hockey Canada).

  • Measurement and Verification study

    Results from the Mayfield Recreation Complex, Caledon, ON

 Customers and Repeat Customers

  • Current list of customers

    Including repeat customers who have bought a second or third system

  • Example City of Nanaimo

    Official video clip from the City

  • Example City of Guelph

    Interview with Ange Tassone, Supervisor of Facility Operations, saying "Not missing a beat on ice quality."

  • Example Chilliwack

    Mike Knight, Arenas Supervisor talked to FortisBC about his experience

Utility Assessments

15+ electric utilities across North America have vetted the system for multiple sites for energy incentives. Here are examples:

  • XCEL energy

    Case study Xcel Energy on Vadnais Sports Center

  • Tacoma Power

    Thinking outside the box to save ice rink energy

  • FortisBC

    FortisBC commercial promoting their large scale pilot on the rink de-aerator

  • Enbridge Gas Case Study

    On the George Bell Arena in Toronto

Studies and Reports on Ice Quality

  • Ice hardness testing

    Study results of the overall uniformity of ice strength using REALice®.

  • Ice Quality Comparison

    An investigation into ice crystals at Lulea University, Sweden

  • Winning Ice Quality Awards

Technical insights and Saving Calculations Explanations

  • Tech Brief 2019

    Exploration of the technology behind the REALice system.

  • Savings explanation

    Technical comments on the rink savings estimates

Highlighted Media Articles

  • Faster ice for less GHGs

    This is the most comprehensive article written about our floodwater technology to date, published by St. Albert Today.

  • Saanich adds to green rink resurfacing fleet at Pearkes

    Saanich News: The District of Saanich purchased a second eco-friendly ice machine – called a rink de-aerator – for the recreation centre.

  • New technology will save money at Powell River Recreation Complex.

    Powell River News: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions also part of new systems