Electricity Savings

REALice reduces electricity cost (hydro). Because of the changed properties of the water, which becomes denser and freezes faster, using less energy to freeze and to stay frozen too, operators are required to reset their brine/glycol settings 3-5°F warmer.
This results in tremendous energy savings and extends the life cycle of the refrigeration equipment. The electricity savings average 10% – 12 % per year.


Case Study: Uxbridge Arena

The Uxbridge Arena is a seasonal twin pad in Ontario. They heat their water using natural gas, and like all rinks, the big electric costs come from their compressors, pumps and condensers. With REALice, they reduced their electricity consumption by 25% compared to when they used hot water to flood.

Elexicon Group performed the measurement and verification. The study compares the natural gas and electric spend before REALice and with REALice. You can read the full report here.


Internat Energy Solutions Canada verified the expected energy savings and cost reductions from the Town of Caledon’s Mayfield Recreation Complex REALice installation. Through the monitoring and verification study (M&V), it was found that the REALice device saves 84,188 kWh of electricity and 2,800 m3 of natural gas annually at the facility. This results in approximately $10,775 annual utility cost savings and avoided greenhouse gas emissions of 6,972 kg of carbon dioxide. The REALice device has eliminated the need to use natural gas to treat the floodwater. Instead, incoming cold water treated by the REALice system is used to flood the ice.

Kerry Park Arena, Mill Bay, BC – single pad:  



Chart: Average kWh/Day comparison before and after REALice: Average savings of 720 kWh/day.

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Ways to measure/calculate savings with REALice®

Comparing current to previous utility bills (monitoring kWH, GJ/therm / m3 of natural gas usage/oil usage)

Monitoring compressor loads and running time and comparing with previous logs

Install separate sub-meters on compressors and logging the run time and kWh usage, i.e with Eyedro Business Electricity Monitors 

Calculate savings by entering the temperature difference for resurfacing water & increase in brine temperature: www.realice.ca/calculate