Effects on hard water

REALice eliminates or significantly reduces lime scale in water.


Soluble forms of calcium such as calcium bicarbonate (CaHCO3)2 are transformed into calcite and aragonite, which do not attach to pipes, nozzles or other warm surfaces and which are also removed.

Calcium bicarbonate (CaHCO3)2 in the water is forced to precipitate out in the form of calcite (CaCO3) primarily aragonite crystals which have minimal scaling properties does not precipitate on surfaces.

Another advantage is that the treated water also acts upon old limescale deposits, which are reduced and eventually vanish after a period of use.


With no moving parts, the REALice system is powered by water pressure alone. Water forced through the REALice system spins like a tornado.

The tornado force changes the shape of the lime scale crystals, they’re no longer able to cling to metal surfaces, like inside of pipes or the resurfacing machine.

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