Ice Quality

REALice will help preserve/improve your ice quality by:

Producing less snow on the ice

Creating fine powdered snow

Making lines clearer / more transparent

Laying the ice using REALice® treated water gives you an optimal foundation for high-quality ice. REALice® treated water produces ice which is hard, clear and more resilient than traditional ice in your arena. As micro-bubbles, that normally are in the water have been removed, the ice obtains greater clarity so that advertising and lines become more clearly visible through it. 

Comparing the clarity of the ice



From REALice® user Feedback:


How would you rate your ice quality:


It is important to mention that in the ice maintenance process not only the snow is removed with the ice machine but also the ice also shaved 1mm per round to eliminate the scars and make it nice and transparent again.

Through ice crystal comparison it was shown that the ice made with REALice® treated water is:


  • stronger
  • more homogenous
  • has a higher heat capacity


leading to reduced energy usage in ice rinks. With the ice crystal being bigger, the density of the ice increases.


The image shows ice crystals of normal ice (left) and REALice® (right) as seen in cross-polarized light. The scale at the bottom is in cm. (Source: Lulea Technical University, Sweden, May 2011).

The skating ice produced with the REALice system is as good or better than ice made with hot water. This feedback in regards to ice temperature and ice quality before and after the switch to the REALice system was received from operators of the 10 test rinks in British Columbia during the 2014 FortisBC ice rink resurfacing efficiency pilot.

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