Become a REALice Certified Ice Meister


Take the REALice Certification and Training Program
and become a REALice-certified Ice Meister!


This course is specifically designed for ice techs.

The goal of this training course is to enable you to make great ice with the REALice system
and get optimal savings!


Here you’ll explore the best practices for making ice, getting started with REALice on existing ice
or building ice from scratchsolving common ice issues, and learning about the technology.


The course takes just over an hour to complete and if you’re successful in passing the quizzes, you’ll become a REALice-Certified Ice Meister.


You can easily do this course on your computer or your phone and
if you need to stop and come back to it later, that works.
If you DO use your phone, it’s better to look at it horizontally than vertically.

Click here to load a PDF preview of the course 


Get Access:

Complimentary when purchasing and installing a new REALice system.


Existing REALice customers contact us to let us know the number of learners to get a quote.