REALice Cools Cost – Video from the City of Nanaimo

Nanaimo Ice Centre and REALice

REALice Cools Cost – Video from the City of Nanaimo

Even now, with 50 REALice installations across Canada, we should be used to the awesome customer feedback we hear every day. But every time we hear them, we’re amazed with what they’ve been able to accomplish — and how proud they are to be trailblazers, turning their backs on extremely hot floodwater forever. That’s because REALice’s cold water resurfacing technology removes the “hot” from “hot water floods”, it provides great energy savings, lower compressor run times — and still lets them make great ice.

And That Makes REALice So Much Fun!

Because their stories make a big difference to the day-to-day tasks we face, like customizing our rink savings estimate for each arena, submitting incentive applications to utilities and supplying references to prospective customers. And sometimes, like yesterday, big surprises hit our inbox that make REALice so much fun. Posted on the City of Nanaimo’s YouTube channel, we couldn’t be more proud of how the operations team at the Nanaimo Ice Centre has embraced REALice, and how they’ve featured our product.

The REALice System was installed at the Nanaimo, BC arena this summer and they are so impressed with the results, they have two more systems inked into their 2018 budget – adding to the growing number of repeat REALice customers. That’s because of the energy savings, improved life cycles — and just look at that ice!!!

Why REALice?

The REALice system acts like hot water, but without the hot water expense. It removes the micro- and nano-air bubbles in the water, letting you use cold water to make great ice.

And because the REALice-treated water freezes faster, you’ll be able to raise your brine temperature up — anywhere from 3-6°F warmer — and that’s where the big electricity savings are. Having a higher set point has an effect on your compressors too — lowering your run time which, in turn, extends your maintenance intervals.


REALice saves energy without the need for filters, membranes, additives, or additional energy sources, and it’s eligible for cash incentives from many utilities. Ask us and we’ll let you know the savings you’ll see, the incentives you may be eligible for, and the Return on Investment you’ll have.

Want to see for yourself? Try our Savings Calculator now.