Ice treatment in the City of Nanaimo, BC

Ice treatment in the City of Nanaimo, BC

This summer, REALice was installed in the Nanaimo Ice Centre and now maintenance workers resurface their 2 NHL-sized ice sheets with cold water.

Speaking about the impact the REALice system has for the City of Nanaimo, Scott Pamminger (Manager, Infrastructure Planning and Energy with the City of Nanaimo) says, that the system had moved them away from hot water ice resurfacing to using cold water.

This comes with no compromise to the quality of the ice, if anything the quality of the ice has  increased and certainly the energy savings are going to be very beneficial. Click here to watch Scott speak about REALice in Nanaimo and their support from Fortis

Arena Maintenance Worker, Rob Pakulak is happy with the outcome so far. He has seen an increase in the ice density and clarity, and the ice is bonding well and freezing fast. He also witnessed less ruts, decreased humidity in the rink and holes from skaters.

Click here to watch Rob talk about his experience making ice with REALice

FortisBC support for ice treatment in Nanaimo


FortisBC has helped the City of Nanaimo to make the switch to convert all their municipal arenas to REALice by offering incentives for the system that cover a good portion of the capital cost.

Pamminger recommends to other municipalities who are considering the REALice system to come and see their installation at the Nanaimo Ice Centre and to talk to their facility operators.

Pamminger adds: “Hopefully they would come to the same conclusion as we have, which is really positive.”

The roll out of the REALice system in Nanaimo continues. Next year, the city plans to install two more system to then have all of their ice surfaces served with REALice treated water.