60 sheets of ice on REALice = Better air, fewer cars on the road, and savings too!

60 sheets of ice on REALice = Better air, fewer cars on the road, and savings too!

Changing the frozen perception that hot water is needed to make fantastic ice, is our mission. Today we are thrilled to announce that 60 sheets of ice in Canada are now made using unheated water, thanks to the REALice Technology!

Canada’s ice arenas have one of the biggest carbon footprints in municipalities, which has a significant impact on our climate. There are several ways that ice arenas can lower their impact on the environment. Among them: Tapping into reclaimed heat, switching to LED lighting, installing solar panels on the roof, or using unheated water to resurface the ice.

Yes, unheated water!

This might not be that obvious, but here is why that matters:

An ice-resurfacer runs approx. 2,595 times a season, per ice sheet, holding 665 litres of hot water each run. That is about 1.7 million litres of hot water per ice sheet, per season. For all of Canada, there are around 3,000 ice sheets, this equals 4 to 5 billion litres of hot water, usually heated with natural gas, used per season. And it doesn’t stop there.

Using unheated water to resurface an ice sheet requires less ice shaving, the slab can be cooled down, and less humidity will be created in the arena.

And, REALice treated water has less air trapped in it, which means less insulation, so the ice freezes faster. Operators can therefore reset their brine levels, allowing their plants to run between 3 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit warmer. This provides electricity savings usually in the range of 10% – 12%.

Climate Adaptation:

Every time an ice sheet is resurfaced with unheated water instead of extremely hot water, 40t of greenhouse gases are saved from going into the atmosphere.

60 sheets of ice, so what?

Don’t underestimate the impact of REALice on the climate because the reduction per year of the 60 sheets combined equals:

  •  2,520 tons less carbon is emitted per year into the atmosphere
  • 540 cars taken off the road based on their emissions
  • 780 tons of waste recycled instead of going into landfills


We won’t stop here!

This is a first milestone and we keep creating success stories (see amazing customer feedback from Nanaimo, BC). Our goal for 2022 is to reach 1000 ice sheets from coast to coast resurfaced with unheated water instead of hot water.