6 Operators answer questions on REALice

6 Operators answer questions on REALice

Watch the replay of the roundtable discussion from the Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge Webinar on REALice. 6 Operators, among them Tyler Seitz, Sr. Manager Ice & Building Operations, WinSport, Calgary and Michael Pisocki, Operations Manager Barclays Center/Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, NYC and Michael Knight Supervisor Arenas Sardis Sports Complex City of Chilliwack, answer some specific questions and share their experience with the system.

Here is what they discussed:  

  • How anybody can tell if the system is working?
  • Would you recommend the REALice system?
  • Is this technology for everyone?
  • Is there any special training required for the operators?
  • How is the quality of the ice produced?
  • Can REALice work in conjunction with a reverse osmosis system?


Click here to watch the roundtable discussion