Uxbridge Wins Award from Enbridge Gas for Ice Rink Upgrades

On the ice at the Township of Uxbridge in Ontario.

Uxbridge Wins Award from Enbridge Gas for Ice Rink Upgrades

The Township of Uxbridge receives Energy Efficiency Achievement Award from Enbridge Gas for REALice implementation

The Township of Uxbridge in Ontario has received an Energy Efficiency Achievement Award from natural gas utility Enbridge Gas for its ice resurfacing upgrade project.

The Township implemented REALice technology in 2023 at the Uxbridge Arena & Community Centre to save costs and reduce energy usage. REALice is designed specifically for ice rinks and treats the water used for ice resurfacing, eliminating or substantially reducing the need for hot water when building and resurfacing ice.

This results in reduced natural gas consumption (BTUs) as well as reduced electric consumption (kWh), as brine temperatures need to be raised, lessening the load on the chiller.

Savings of $36K and 57 tCO2

At this seasonal twin rink facility, REALice is projected to provide approximately $36,000 in cost savings annually, and an estimated reduction of 57 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions every year. The system uses water pressure only, is 3D-printed and needs no maintenance or additional consumables, with an expected 25-year lifespan. Over that lifespan, the Township will have reduced its CO2 emissions by 1,425 tCO2.

As a result of this initiative, the Township of Uxbridge has received a Certificate of Achievement in Energy Efficiency from Enbridge Gas. Enbridge thanked the Township of Uxbridge for doing their part to help the environment. The award came with a financial incentive of $5,902.

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