Uxbridge Arena cuts emissions by 29 tCO2/year and improves ice quality

Uxbridge Arena cuts emissions by 29 tCO2/year and improves ice quality

“We reduced the Town’s annual CO2 emissions by 29 tonnes just by implementing this one small measure. It also impacted our energy spend by $24,000 less this season compared to the season before, with a payback of less than two years.” Kristi Honey, CAO Township of Uxbridge

By using a mechanical deaerator, the Township of Uxbridge has slashed CO2 emissions and lowered its energy footprint at its arena, without compromising ice quality.

The Uxbridge Arena & Recreation Centre is a busy seasonal twin pad. The REALice system was installed in time for the 2022-23 season.


  • 7,865 m3 annual natural gas savings
  • 91,209 kWh annual electricity savings
  • C02 reduced by 29 tonnes per year
  • Annual savings last season: $24,000
  • Over $12,000 in avoided carbon taxes between now and 2030
  • ROI: Under 2 year


Instead of heating the floodwater to 50°C, the 3D-printed REALice system uses pressure to de-aerate the water. The resulting water acts like it has been heated, with lower heating and refrigeration expenses. Easily integrated into the water pipes, the REALice requires no maintenance and has an expected life of 25 years. The system is eligible for incentives from SaveONEnergy and Enbridge Gas.

“REALice beat the energy saving estimates by around $3K,” says Arena & Recreation Manager Hunter Gardner. “That’s down to our ice technicians and how they embraced this new way of maintaining the ice. They worked with the system, followed the best practices, and made adjustments as necessary. That resulted in the ice our user groups prefer. The ice is clearer, faster, and shinier than before. And it is saving money, too!”

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Elexicon Group Measurement and Verification / Energy Report

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