E Source lists REALice in its top 20 Technologies and Trends of 2015

E Source lists REALice in its top 20 Technologies and Trends of 2015

We are thrilled to see that REALice was listed as one of the top 20 technologies from E Source.
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From E Source: January 2016

In 2015, potentially disruptive technologies made substantial headway—and headlines—in the energy business. Energy storage hit the market with a bang, led by news of Tesla’s new residential batteries. The first plug-and-play thermal-storage technology added to the disruption, making thermal storage as easy to implement as adding a wireless mouse to a computer. And other developments, many that overlap markets and technologies, came onto the scene:

  • Some solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are driving the associated costs to ultra-low levels
  • Smart PV inverters now allow utilities to “condition” the power a solar array puts onto the grid
  • Smart devices are becoming smarter, including those in home energy management, grid-enabled water heating, and smart thermostats
  • A unique heat-recovery technology could transform the residential-furnace market
  • Ice-rink resurfacing may no longer need to use hot water in the Zamboni—a substantial change to the gas fuel needs of an ice arena


From these trends and others, the E Source tech team has picked the Top 20 Technologies and Trends of 2015 to recap the year and to prepare you for developments in 2016.