Take your indoor ice rink to net zero

Take your indoor ice rink to net zero

Did you know that resurfacing is the third-highest energy spent in an indoor ice rink? It is, trailing refrigeration and HVAC. That energy spent also accounts for greenhouse gas emissions, so making a change in the flooding habits will have more benefits than just energy costs.


The FCM’s Green Municipal Fund has developed an actionable guidebook called “Taking your indoor ice rink to net zero”. In it, resurfacing accounts for 17% of an arena’s CO2 emissions. A big portion of that can be eliminated with the REALice floodwater treatment system! It will also help you reach your municipal carbon reduction goals.

This Guidebook was developed through a pilot project on 9 indoor ice rinks. It shows solutions and approaches to take for any ice rink to get to net zero.

We are proud to be part of the solution!

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