Side-by-side comparison

Side-by-side comparison

Is there a difference between ice made with hot water and ice made with REALice? Jim Hampton from Sports Plus Ohio says there is.

With over 250,000 square feet of playing space, Sports Plus Ohio is the largest sports facility in the greater Cincinnati area. We recently exhibited at the North American Rink Conference and Exhibition (NARCE) where we met up with Jim, the arena manager for Sports Plus. Jim was eager to share his REALice experience from when he first started using the floodwater treatment system back in March of 2020.

Sports Plus has two indoor ice rinks. When they got their REALice system, one rink was already “in” so they shaved it down to the lines and logos and then built it back up using REALice-treated water. The other rink, however, was a clean slate and they built it from scratch using ONLY REALice-treated water. Here’s what he saw when he made the side-by-side comparison…

Watch what Jim has to say in this quick 45-second video