Township of Selwyn, ON wins Energy Award for REALice project!

Township of Selwyn, ON wins Energy Award for REALice project!

April 23, 2018 – The Peterborough Examiner reports the Township of Selwyn, Ontario has been given the Energy Award from Sustainable Peterborough because of their REALice cold water treatment installation at the Ennismore Arena.

Sustainable Peterborough described the REALice project as follows:

“In 2017, Selwyn Township installed Real Ice in their Ennismore Arena. The Real Ice Technology allows them to make excellent quality ice with cold water, rather than hot. The REALice system has no moving parts, doesn’t  consume any electrical energy, and does not require chemicals to treat the water to make good ice.

Flooding with cold water has allowed them to move the set point on their ice plant up by 2 degrees F which is resulting in significant energy savings. Overall, the system is estimated to save 54,310 kWh, natural gas savings of 8,455 cubic meters, and $12,000 annually.”

The Township of Selwyn announced in a tweet that they can’t wait to further roll out the REALice technology, this time at the Lakefield-Smith Community Centre.

It is wonderful to see the Township of Selwyn being recognized for their commitment to sustainable, energy-efficient ice making with the REALice technology. We are looking forward to working with the Township of Selwyn on their upcoming project to help them lower their energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions even more– while making excellent ice with REALice-treated cold water.

Read more about the third annual Sustainable Peterborough Partnership Recognition Event and Awards in the Peterborough Examiner.