Saanich news features REALice®

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Saanich news features REALice®

Real Ice Canada was featured by @Saanich News at the end of March by Travis Paterson, Reporter at Saanich News.


Pearkes Arena reducing carbon footprint


The era of flooding ice rinks with hot water is coming to an end. Pearkes arena is one of about 12 artificial indoor rinks in B.C. that is using a new technology to resurface the ice with lukewarm water instead of hot water. “Basically, we don’t have to run a hot water tank anymore,” said Barry Richards, building services supervisor at Pearkes. “We used to keep water between 60 and 70 degrees C and now it’s about 18 C.”

Traditionally, and still at most rinks around the world, ice resurfacing vehicles flood the rink with heated water. Heat removes most of the air bubbles from the water and it freezes with a smooth skating surface.


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