Russ Robertson gets REALice

Russ Robertson gets REALice

Russ Robertson gets REALice

My Lloydminster Now reports on REALice: The City says a new ice-making system at the Russ Robertson Arena will cut the bills and reduce the environmental footprint. The Russ Robertson rink now has a REALice floodwater system which the City says has annual savings of $3,600 with reduced carbon emissions.

Officials cite the REALice calculator as showing a natural gas usage reduction of 142 Gigajoules and electricity cut by 28,000 kWh annually.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers spoke about the advantages of the new system.

“Traditionally, the Zamboni floods with hot water, which you can imagine the energy consumption it takes to heat water. This device will allow our staff to use basically tap-run water. It de-aerates the water, so that is able to freeze faster. And that’s why they are able to use it. So it’s a great invention, which is a cost saver.”

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