ROI Plummets with Incentives from SaveONEnergy and Enbridge Gas

Rebates for REALice

ROI Plummets with Incentives from SaveONEnergy and Enbridge Gas

Indoor ice rinks in Ontario that are changing their flooding procedure are benefitting from incentives from both Enbridge Gas and SaveONEnergy that are making a big impact on their Return On Investment (ROI).

They’re doing so with REALice, a Swedish-made mechanical de-aerator using pressure to treat the water instead of heat, reducing the flooding costs and lowering natural gas and hydro costs, CO2 emissions, and Carbon Taxes.

REALice is one of the high-impact, sustainable recommendations from the Green Municipal Fund for moving ice rinks to net zero.

Natural Gas provider Enbridge Gas has historically offered rebates of around $1,500 per pad to its customers who purchase the REALice system.

As of October 30, 2023, SaveOnEnergy, the mark of energy-efficiency programs of Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), has reintegrated “custom” solutions in its non-lighting retrofit program, paying 13¢ for each kilowatt hour of electricity saved during the measure’s first operational year.

The two incentives combine to lower the Return on Investment (ROI) substantially, and under two years in most cases.

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