Reduced Maintenance and Decommissioned Equipment

Reduced Maintenance and Decommissioned Equipment

Watch Cam Coulter, Operations Coordinator at the Mayfield Recreation Complex in Caledon, ON sharing his experience with REALice. This interview was recorded during the Mayor’s Megawatt Challenge webinar on “Treated cold floodwater: debunking the myths”.

Watch the replay of the interview with Cam

The Mayfield Recreation Complex in Caledon is a sub-level seasonal single pad. The REALice system was installed in 2019.

Cam shares that since the REALice system was installed he has been using unheated water to resurface his ice and was able to raise his brine temperature by 4°F. But that’s not all. REALice is letting him keep his ice thinner, resulting in lower maintenance and decommissioning equipment.