Make your arena more sustainable — with REALice

Make your arena more sustainable — with REALice

Most municipalities are focusing on making their facilities more sustainable – and high on their list are their indoor ice arenas.

REALice can make a big difference to an arena’s energy spend in several ways:


  • Reducing the amount of water being heated at the facility (saving energy, saving money)
  • Reducing the load on the refrigeration system each and every time an ice make is made (saving energy, saving money)
  • Reducing the amount of humidity in the arena (saving energy, saving money)
  • REALice-treated cold water requires warmer brine/setpoints because the treated water freezes so much faster than the hot water they are used to using. That warmer brine settings/setpoints means big energy savings that come with compressors running less, and the reduced run times on their compressors means lower maintenance costs and longer life cycles (saving energy, saving money)
  • Reducing the facility’s CO2 emissions


These savings and greenhouse gas reductions coincide with the goals our customers are targeting and REALice helps to achieve those goals in a very fast and easy way — with absolutely NO maintenance. 

And, depending on who’s supplying/distributing your natural gas and electricity, there may be incentives available that will greatly impact your Return On Investment.

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