REALice and Twin Pads in Ontario

Twin Pad, Ontario

REALice and Twin Pads in Ontario

With a flurry of inquiries from Ontario municipalities with twin pads, we thought you’d like to see the reduced consumption a typical twin pad would have using REALice’s cold water resurfacing technology. That way you can see for yourself the reduced savings — in consumption and money — and give you an idea of available incentives too.

The Rink Savings Profile that you see is for a facility with two NHL-sized pads. One is open 46 weeks a year, the other is shut down for 20 weeks. Their resurfacing water is at 140°F and their incoming cold water is 50°F. When their ice is in, both rinks are open 7 days a week, and the average number of resurfaces they do a day average out at 8 a day for each rink.

Enbridge Gas supplies them with natural gas. If they apply to Enbridge Gas before June 30th, they will be eligible for $5,000 per pad — so $10,000 in total. The estimated avoided electricity of 97,257 kWh will bring another $9,726 through a SaveONEnergy application (and we’ll even help with your application!).


With Ontario’s astronomical hydro rates and incentives available from natural gas and hydro utilities, REALice is a great alternative to having to raise your user fees — or asking your taxpayers for more money to cover utility expenses.

If you have a twin pad that shares a filling station, you’ll be able to share one REALice unit, giving a great Return on Investment.

Here’s how you’ll save:

1. Not Heating the Water for the Ice Resurfacer

Since REALice lets you resurface using cold water, you won’t need to heat the water for resurfacing the ice anymore. That savings is usually natural gas — but we have seen our fair share of boilers running on electricity, oil or a heat reclaim combo. (If you are using hydro, you won’t be eligible for incentives through either Enbridge Gas or Union Gas [who has a program too] but you will be eligible for higher incentives through SaveOnEnergy at a rate of 10¢ for every kWh saved).

Puzzled? Reach out to us and we’ll help you — and even apply on your behalf!

2. Brine Temperature Reset

Next, since the REALice-treated water removes the micro air bubbles that are in the water, the resulting water is denser, which means it freezes faster (and makes a more durable, clearer ice).

Because it freezes faster, you’ll be able to reset your brine temperature higher — anywhere from 3-5°F — and that’s where the big savings are — and you won’t need to compromise on quality.

3. Lower Compressor Run Time

And since you’re running warmer, your compressors are running less. And that makes a difference to your maintenance costs.

Ask any of the arena managers where REALice is installed and they’ll tell you the same story — and we welcome this. Our reference list is growing by the day and we’re willing to share it.

Riding Solo

If you’re running a single pad, don’t distress, single pads can certainly benefit with REALice too. Busy single pads buying REALice typically have an ROI of under 3 years (not including any possible incentives). When that time is up, the energy savings you’ll have is cost avoidance that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. With a 5-year warranty and an expected shelf life that should extend well beyond 10 years, REALice is the easiest way to reduce your facility’s energy spend and cut down on its carbon emissions.

Over 40 arenas across Canada have already adopted our cold water resurfacing technology adding to the growing list worldwide of arenas turning their backs on hot water resurfacings.

REALice is a mindset change, a paradigm shift. But with energy costs being difficult to budget for, finding an easy way to chop your consumption has never made more sense. Try out the Savings Calculator on our website, send us an email or give us a call. REALice can make a big difference to your annual spend — and give you great quality ice too. And, for Enbridge Gas customers, time is running out on getting rebates of $5,000 per pad (up to $15,000 per arena) — so act now to save BIG.