Agrodome PNE, Vancouver

About This Project

PNE, Vancouver – Home of the Vancouver Giants (WHL) –

  • Running on REALice®45F water and 21F Ice temperature
  • FortisBC Verified 340GJ Natural Gas Savings


PNE has two Ice Arenas in Operation:

  • Coliseum (16,000 seating capacity and home of the Vancouver Giants from September to April)
  • Agrodome (3500 seating capacity and used for Community Ice from September to March)

REALice® System was installed in the Agrodome in January 2014.

Electrical and Gas Savings at the PNE Agrodome


PNE’s kWh Estimated Savings with REALice®



GJ Verified savings with REALice®



Before REALice® was installed


  • Zamboni 520 has a 200 US Gallon tank (approx. 150 US gallons of hot water used per ice flood)
  • Zamboni averaged 12 ice floods/day or 2160 ice floods/year which equated to over 324,000 gallons of hot water previously used per year 
  • Hot water for ice floods was previously between 120 and 140 degrees F
  • Ice temperature set point was 18 degrees F
  • Agrodome hot water system could not keep up with shower water demand for user groups when Zamboni required hot water for ice floods (building was not originally designed as a Community Ice facility)

After REALice® system was installed


  • Community Ice User groups have requested less ice floods due to a more durable ice surface
  • Ice makers use only cold water for ice floods (45 degrees F)
  • Ice temperature set point increased to 21 degrees F


Costs Savings & Benefits


  • Ice System compressors have approximately 25% less run time
  • Hot Water Boilers have approximately 50% less run time
  • Community User Groups consistently have hot water for showers
  • Ice System Compressors and Hot Water Boilers have an increased life expectancy


Transition Process and Starting to Work With REALice® System

  • Ice specs and equipment run times were logged prior to REALice® System being installed for future comparison purposes (December 2013)
  • PNE staff installed REALice® System and monitoring equipment (December 2013)
  • “Old” ice was shaved out (approx. 1”) and REALice® was installed between December 23 and 27, 2013 when no ice users were in the building
  • User groups commenced using REALice® on January 2, 2014
  • Ice Techs slowly decreased ice flood water temperature and increased ice
    temperature set points until optimum ice conditions were obtained
  • Ice Techs adjusted Zamboni speed during ice floods


Perception from Stakeholders


  • The initial reaction from Ice Techs regarding the installation of REALice® System was mixed
  • After the REAL ice transition period, Ice Techs are now convinced that REALice system makes a clearer and more durable ice surface
  • Ice Plant Operators immediately noticed less equipment run time
  • Management looking for ways to reduce energy use were very pleased with the results
  • Feedback from Community Ice user groups has been very positive commenting that the ice quality is excellent
About the Agrodome

Built in 1963, the PNE Agrodome is an indoor rink and is open seasonally during the winter months for minor hockey and figure skating events. Address: 2901 East Hastings Street Vancouver BC V5K 5J1 Phone: (604) 253-2311

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