Plus 3° Fahrenheit

Plus 3° Fahrenheit

Greg Mitchell, Arena Coordinator in Kitimat, BC speaks about their two arenas using the REALice floodwater treatment system.

With REALice, the days are gone where the operators would let the hot water in the ice resurfacing machine would sit for too long and the ice quality would be compromised.

Greg says the ice in both District of Kitimat arenas has always been good.

With REALice, Greg says he believes it is as good or even better. Not wasting all this hot water, was really what was driving the change. But it is not only the cold water flooding that saves energy and cost.

Greg explains they are now running their brine at 21°F. That’s at least 3°F higher than what it was with hot water floods, saving even more energy and cost. Greg and his team always had good ice-making routines, following best ice-making practices, which is something we encourage.