Old Dogs – New Tricks

Old Dogs – New Tricks

Paul Jackson, the head ice technician at the Fairgrounds Arena in Winston-Salem, NC recently took part in a REALice webinar, and this is a recap of what he said.

It was the 4,000-seat arena’s first season with REALice and Paul talked about how dense and clear their REALice ice was — even at the end of the season. He said when it was time to take the ice out, the equipment operators said they’d never seen anything like it!

Paul also said the owners of their FPHL team, the Carolina Thunderbirds, commented that the logos were able to be viewed all season. “We used to have problems probably 3/4 of the way through the season where the logos would disappear — you couldn’t see what they were anymore,”

Paul says. “This year, right to the end, you could see them really, really well.”

And for the team and facility owners out there with high-level aspiring hockey players, this long-time referee from Vermont emphasized how the players kept commenting on the harder ice — as well as the better puck movement with the REALice ice. Hard, dense, clear ice with BETTER PUCK MOVEMENT.

That’ll be the REALice.