Okotoks Ice to Save the Town Money and Energy

Okotoks Ice to Save the Town Money and Energy

Okotoks, Alberta (July 09, 2021) – Rinks at the Okotoks Pason arenas and Recreation Centre recently got an upgrade in the form of new cold water flooding systems.

The town’s climate change and energy specialist Sheri Young says it’s actually a pretty cool process.

“This used to take a lot of heat and energy to warm up the water and get all the little micro-bubbles of air out of the water. Now we have this cool new technology that gets all the bubbles out through a vortex, it kind of whips all the little bubbles out.”

The town was made aware of the system after a few nearby municipalities made use of it.

“There were some preconceived notions out there. Somebody said, ‘Oh, I don’t think the ice is good.’ Then we actually talked to people and they were like, ‘No the ice is great, and we’re saving tonnes of money.’ That’s a win-win to me,” says Young.


It’s estimated to reduce emissions by over 300 tonnes of carbon annually and will reduce cost for the town an estimated $20,000 in utilities.

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