Lanxess Arena – Cologne Sharks

Lanxess Arena – Cologne Sharks

The Lanxess Arena in Cologne (Köln) Germany. Last Wednesday night, 18,475 fans packed the arena to watch the home professional team, the Kölner Haie (the “Sharks”), take on the Wild Wings — and beat them 3-1.

In 2018 when the Haie played the Edmonton Oilers. It was Håkan Grönlund then together with NHL’s Dan Craig, leading the operations team to setup the the ice for the game.

Lanxess arena used REALice for around 7 years now and their ice is absolutely beautiful.

We often get questions from municipal rinks about whether REALice is used in big professional rinks. Yes they are, and this is a great example.

Kevin spoke to Kai Festerling, the Ice Meister at Lanxess Arena, about how the REALice-treated water spreads much easier, creates much clearer but also more resilient ice.

Watch the one-minute interview