Improved Ice

Improved Ice

We usually talk about Canadian success stories with reduced energy savings, lower run-time hours, and humidity levels with REALice. But once in a while, we like to feature some news from our US counterparts as well.

We don’t like to brag much about the better ice quality because we know the operations teams are extremely proud of the ice they produce with hot water.

The reality is the ice IS better because the REALice-conditioned water makes better ice. The water flows out better from the conditioner, sets up quicker, and results in a clear, dense, and durable sheet – requiring warmer ice temperatures.

The warmer temps result in less snow, pucks that stay flatter longer, and smaller blowouts from figure skaters — and teams are noticing it. Teams like the Carolina Thunderbird of the Federal Prospects Hockey League.

Improved ice at Fairgrounds Annex adds to the success of Carolina Thunderbirds

The Winston-Salem Journal published an article this week that highlights the better ice this season the Carolina Thunderbirds are skating on, since installing REALice.

The Thunderbirds play in the Federal Prospects Hockey League, a Professional A Minor Hockey league, are located in Winston-Salem, NC and the Fairgrounds Annex is their home rink. They’re currently 2nd in the Continental Division.

Paul Jackson, the Fairground Annex’s Head Ice Technician was quoted in the article as follows:

“It’s a harder surface and it freezes faster,” said Jackson, who has helped with the ice rink at the Annex for the last several years. “We don’t have to use hot water anymore like in the past so that makes a difference.”

Jackson says that everything the company promised when the city purchased the REALice System has worked.

Danbury Hat Tricks in their Commissioner Cup winning match to end the 2022-23 against the Carolina Thunderbirdsk. Picture courtesy of Jim Brundage.

Danbury Ice Too

In Danbury, CT at the Danbury Ice Arena, home of the Danbury Hat Tricks, Head Ice Technician Jim Brundage knows exactly what Jackson is talking about. They installed REALice last season and Brundage is convinced it helped the Hat Tricks win the FPHL’s Commissioners Cup.

“Word is getting around,” Brundage exclaims.

The Monument Too

Over in South Dakota, the Rapid City Rush have been playing on REALice ice at The Monument since 2020 and won the East Coast Hockey League’s “Best Ice” award in 2020-2021 —the last year the award was handed out.

“To this day, officials tell us how great this ice is,” says Engineering Manager Nathan Kleinschmit. “We always had good ice here, but REALice makes it better.

Nathan Kleinschmit, Engineering Manager, The Monument, Rapid City, SD



Title photo: Carolina Thunderbirds beat rivals Columbus River Dragons 3-2 (OT) this week. Courtesy of Paul Jackson.