Is the humidity in your arena making you sweat?

Excess humidity in the rink impacts the ice quality

Is the humidity in your arena making you sweat?

“Moisture is in the air”

The humidity in a rink is always changing. The outside weather conditions, the number of spectators and players, open doors, gates and garage doors are all contributors to humidity, as are longer seasons with the ice staying in all year round. Of course, using extremely hot floodwater, used many times every day to resurface the ice, doesn’t help.

Operators are striving towards optimal humidity levels of 50-55% – some even without a de-humidifier.

Switching to REALice’s cold water flooding technology has tremendous impact on the amount of humidity that is released into the building and onto the ice. It truly helps in the efforts to control humidity levels.

The REALice system acts like hot water, but without adding the extra humidity — or the hot water expense!

Top 10 impacts when humidity is out of control: 

  1. Creates uneven and rugged ice
  2. Excess snow is produced when skate blades come into contact with the ice
  3. Cloudy ice – making it difficult to see the lines and advertisements
  4. Rust, wood rot, mould and damage to surfaces in arenas
  5. Dissatisfied user groups and an uncomfortable environment for the spectators
  6. Moisture drips
  7. Increased load on refrigeration system in ice plant
  8. Build up of biological growth on surfaces
  9. Decreased operational efficiency, increased maintenance hours
  10. Foggy glass

Why REALice?

REALice reduces the amount of humidity in the rink and saves energy without the need for filters, membranes, additives, or additional energy sources, and it’s eligible for cash incentives from many utilities.