Heat, Pressure and Making Great Ice

Heat, Pressure and Making Great Ice

If city water didn’t have so much air in it, everyone could use cold water to resurface their ice.

But that’s not the way it is.

Cold water holds much more air than hot water – and one way to remove that air is by heating the water. The hotter it gets, fewer micro air bubbles are left in the water.

REALice is different

Our system uses pressure instead of temperature to act like hot water, but without the expense of heating!

And because the treated water freezes faster and with better heat transfer properties than its hot water cousin, the refrigeration plant won’t need to run as much anymore. That extends the life cycle of your equipment, too. For more technical detail read our latest tech brief.

Better Ice

The ice made with REALice is more compact. It’s harder to scar and harder to melt. And, requiring no maintenance or additional energy sources, it’s a better way to make ice. Safer for your employees and better for the environment.

It’s a super easy install and has an expected shelf life of 25 years. Payback is usually 2-3 years and the avoided energy spend can run over $100,000 after 10 years. And you’ll be reducing your Greenhouse Gas emissions too.

Reduce your energy spend AND make great ice, with REALice.

Contact us now and find out how you can get REALice in your facility.