Hard Water Problems? Try REALice!

Is hard water causing you problems at your arena?

Hard Water Problems? Try REALice!

We hear it over and over again … Hard water causes problems for ice makers when making and resurfacing ice sheets. REALice has launched an animated video to help potential customers understand how the REALice system makes great ice, even with hard water.

The animation features “Charlie”, an arena manager who is struggling to make good ice at his arena that’s located in a municipality with hard water. Charlie, makes and resurfaces his ice sheet the traditional way, with extremely hot water.

The video also features “Frank”, who has moved away from hot water ice resurfacing and is now using REALice-treated cold water instead. Frank’s arena is also located in a municipality with extremely hard water, with lime scale deposits. The lime scale crystals caused a lot of issues in the arena, but Frank found an antidote to these hard water issues. He installed the REALice system in their arena, and is now making hard, clear, and fast ice.

The REALice system has an amazing effect on the hardness of the water. With no moving parts, the REALice system is powered by water pressure alone. Water forced through the REALice system spins like a tornado. The tornado force changes the shape of the lime scale crystals, they’re no longer able to cling to each other or to metal surfaces, like inside of pipes or the resurfacing machine. The lime scale crystals move to the surface of the ice sheet and Frank dry shaves the ice to remove the crystals. The result is fantastic ice!

No moving parts, no maintenance, energy savings and more…

“One of the many benefits provided by REALice system is the effect it has on hard water. With limescale crystals no longer able to cling to each other or to surfaces, the quality of the ice improves dramatically”, says Florian Gabriel, Managing Director, SWICH Services Inc, Technology Transfer Partner for REALice in Canada.

“By using video animation to illustrate our message and use real-life scenarios, we help our potential customers to grasp the REALice system concept and embrace it. We’re continually looking for ways to make our message simpler and demonstrate the many benefits from using this green technology”.

Click here to view our whiteboard-animated video