FortisBC Rebate of $27,000 – ends Dec 31st 2021

FortisBC Rebate of $27,000 – ends Dec 31st 2021

As part of their COVID19 response to help municipalities save cost on their operations and recognizing that REALice is a reliable solution with proven results, FortisBC had increased the point of sale rebate offer for REALice from $20,000 to $27,000.  This covers more than 75% of the capital cost for the REALice system! This offer will end on Dec 31st, 2021.

FortisBC also covers the cost of a high-end mixing valve.

We recommend a mixing valve to allow tempered water as needed. Likely the rink will never have to exceed 70F anymore and make fantastic ice!

Since it’s a limited-time offer from FortisBC, please contact us if you’d like to receive an official quote with the updated rebate and the mixing valve or an updated savings estimate.

Click here to download the updated FortisBC rink de-aerator application form.