First city in Alberta to equip all their arenas with REALice

The stage is set! Camrose orders second REALice system

First city in Alberta to equip all their arenas with REALice

The City of Camrose is the first city in Alberta to switch over all three of their ice sheets to the REALice system. This year they will begin flooding all of their ice pads with unheated water to make great ice, save energy, and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions.

The city started making ice at the Max McLean Arena with REALice in 2017. The advanced hydro dynamics technology drains micro air bubbles from the resurfacing water. The technology has helped arena operators make hard and fast ice, while saving them energy. Given the results and positive experience with REALice, Camrose is rolling out the technology to equip their performance Twin pad arena.

Repeat customers

Like the cities of Brampton, ON, Nanaimo, BC, and Kamloops, BC, who are in the process of rolling out the REALice technology across all of their facilities, the City of Camrose facilities staff will start to see energy savings immediately after the system is active at their twin arena.

Environmentally-conscious recreation centres

Lowering carbon emissions and lowering energy used in recreation facilities is a goal that’s not unique to The City of Camrose. Reducing GHG emissions and upgrading existing buildings / facilities with high standard, energy efficient technology is a common objective in many Canadian communities. Sometimes cities just don’t know where to start. REALice Canada is a tried and tested solution for saving energy in ice arenas around the world.

With the REALice system, the City of Camrose can expect to reduce their electricity consumption by 9-12%. They will see savings of approximately 80t of CO2 on their twin pad. Additionally, they will drastically reduce their natural gas consumption.

More towns in Central Alberta are following the lead of Camrose. 

Ice makers using REALice like what they get and are talking about us. So much so, that more communities across Canada are interested in making the switch. Word of mouth and testimonials from our existing customers has been instrumental in driving change in many other communities across Canada. 

The latest news comes from the town of Stettler, AB who approved a REALice system in their 2018 capital budget.