Max McLean Arena, Camrose, AB – Excellent quality ice!

Max McLean Arena, Camrose, AB – Excellent quality ice!

Arenas are one of the highest energy consuming facilities in Canada. Overhead heating, lights, refrigeration, and heating water have historically drawn a lot of energy in arenas. Arena Operators and Maintenance Workers, Energy Mangers, and community groups are working with green technology, like REALice, and moving towards operation processes that reduce their energy consumption – and allows them to re-channel their energy flows into different areas in their facilities.

Arena operators are aware of the growing energy costs at their facilities and are searching for ways to make their buildings more efficient.

The City of Camrose Alberta installed a REALice system and has been resurfacing their ice with REALice treated water since September 2017.

After installing the REALice system facility workers at the Max McLean Arena have been able to turn down all their hot water tanks and they are now flooding their ice with 15 degrees Fahrenheit water. The REALice system acts like hot water, but without the hot water expense. It removes the micro- and nano-air bubbles, which allows facility operators to use cold water to make great ice.

Greg Kuchnerek, Recreation Facilities Senior Operator, expects they will see significant energy savings and they are looking into ways to re-channel their energy savings into other facility upgrades.

What’s next for the Max McLean arena?

With REALice customers at the Max McLean Arena can enjoy fast, hard, and strong ice. They are impressed with the results, and if all goes well this season they may be in the market for another system. The number of repeat REALice customers continues to grow across Canada and the US because the REALice technology helps you cut down the energy used in your arena, which helps you save money.