Cut Operational Costs!

Cut Operational Costs!

The cost of energy keeps going up! And so are carbon taxes. This impacts your bottom line.

Is there anything you can do to immediately reduce those costs?


Instead of heating the floodwater to 140-160°F, REALice uses pressure to produce clear, dense, durable ice. That results in much lower operational costs without compromising ice quality.

And because REALice-water freezes faster, the brine/glycol temperatures needs to be reset higher, reducing refrigeration compressor usage and still providing quality ice.

How much can you save? 

  • 75% off your floodwater heating costs and
  • between 8-12% off your electric expenses

Utility incentives are usually available to support your decision and will make your payback lightning-fast.

Want to know more?

We’ll be more than happy to put a rink savings proposal together for your facility, customized according to the number of floods being done each day, the length of your season, etc.