Cost-Saving Device Installed at Memorial Arena in Drumheller

Cost-Saving Device Installed at Memorial Arena in Drumheller

The Town of Drumheller has shut off its reliance on hot water to maintain its NHL-sized ice surface at the Drumheller Memorial Arena. Instead of hot water floods, a mechanical rink de-aerator has been installed, which is letting the operations team flood the ice with tap-temperature cold water. The REALice system will reduce energy costs and lower CO2 emissions, and still allows the ice technicians to provide a high-quality ice product for our user groups.

“We’re always looking for ways to reduce the operational costs at the Arena,” says Facilities Manager Reg Bennett. “Eliminating hot water floods will reduce our natural gas consumption, as we are no longer heating hundreds of gallons of floodwater each day. We’re already running the ice warmer now because of this. This will mean less run time on the compressors and electric savings. So far, we’re impressed by what we’re seeing on the ice.”

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