Chilliwack Orders Again, Benefits from $20K FortisBC Rebate

Chilliwack Orders Again, Benefits from $20K FortisBC Rebate

Vancouver, July 3, 2019 – The City of Chilliwack today confirmed its order for a second REALice system for a third ice sheet under construction at the Sardis Sports Complex.

“We are happy to be incorporating a second REALice system into our newest rink,” said Ryan Mulligan, Director of Recreation and Culture for the City of Chilliwack. “We had success switching to REALice in 2016 for our Twin Rinks facility. Since then, we were able to reduce the resurfacing temperature from 160F to 70F. On top, it allowed us to reset the brine temperature a few degrees warmer. Both changes resulted into remarkable savings on natural gas and electricity.”

Perfect Timing

“The timing is perfect,” says Jermin Hsieh, Conservation and Energy Management Program Manager at FortisBC. “The City of Chilliwack will benefit from our new Rink De-aerator rebate offer, receiving a point-of-sale* rebate of $20,000 for the purchase of the REALice system needed for their third sheet of ice.”

Environmental Stewardship

The City of Chilliwack shows environmental stewardship by being the first community in the Lower Mainland to adopt REALice’s cold water flooding technology in more than one arena.

Florian Gabriel, Managing Director of SWiCH Services Inc., the Canadian importer of the REALice technology, is thrilled with the repeat sale.

“Long gone are the ice makers concerns we used to face in getting them to use much colder water than they were used to using,” says Gabriel. “This system takes the micro air bubbles out of the water and lets the ice makers make strong and resilient ice.

The ice at the Twin Rinks has been doing just fine, with a nice, smooth, consistent sheet, but without the hot water expenses associated with traditional ice-maintenance practices! And having them benefit from the FortisBC prescriptive program is great for the municipality, reducing their arena’s expenses even more.”

Saving with REALice

The patented, 3D-printed REALice system reduces the energy needed to heat the water for resurfacing — usually (but not always) natural gas.

Using colder water means less heat needs to be taken off the water to make it freeze (electricity) and because the REALice-treated water has better heat transfer properties, it freezes so much faster, requiring a higher brine temperature reset (electricity).

This contributes to lower run time on your compressors and lower humidity levels in your arena — all with a system with ZERO maintenance — no filters or membranes to change or additional energy spend needed.

By using the water pressure available at your arena to treat the water, REALice is a brilliant example of fluid dynamics, with an expected life cycle of 25 years.


* SWiCH Services Inc is a Commercial Partner to FortisBC. Point of sales rebate applies if the customer is eligible and installs the system within 15 business days after receiving the shipment.