C2 Centre’s ice goes green with innovative technology

C2 Centre’s ice goes green with innovative technology

The Bonnyville and District Centre has a new and greener way of making ice that utilizes new technology allowing for cold water to be used in creating hard ice surfaces at the facility’s arenas.

“Instead of filling our Zambonis with extremely hot 71-degree Celsius water, the C2 is now flooding the arenas with cold 20-degree Celsius water,” Parsons explained.

The C2 can use water straight from the tap without needing to heat it at all.

“We just turned off one of our two huge boilers that makes super-hot water above the hockey rink. Now we’re only using one boiler for the whole building,” explained Parsons.

While fans and parents in the stands may not notice the difference, the players skating and the staff reviewing the facility’s electric and natural gas bills, surely will.

“The University of Alberta is doing it and they have the Golden Bears hockey team. The Camrose Kodiaks in the AJHL, they have it. A lot of other facilities are going this route and it’s a no brainer, you put cold water on cold ice. It’s a win-win in every perspective,” he said.

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