Big Electricity Savings

Big Electricity Savings

It’s common sense that if you’re not heating the floodwater, you’ll save on water heating costs. But did you know that REALice will make a big impact on your electricity spend?

Case Study: Uxbridge Arena

The Uxbridge Arena is a seasonal twin pad in Ontario. They heat their water using natural gas, and like all rinks, the big electric costs come from their compressors, pumps and condensers. With REALice, they reduced their electricity consumption by 25% compared to when they used hot water to flood.

Why less electricity?

Great question!

It’s because REALice-treated water freezes faster than hot water so the brine settings need to be reset HIGHER. It’s not a suggestion but an industrial process change. We expect most rinks will accomplish a 3°F higher brine/glycol temperature than before, and many rinks exceed that by 2-3°F. That means your compressors will run less. It may even mean a big extension of maintenance intervals due to lower run time hours.

Take a look!

The study compares the natural gas and electric spend before REALice and with REALice. You can read the full report here.

REALice will reduce your energy costs in three ways:

1) Lower floodwater temperatures, saving in water heating

2) Less heat to remove from the floodwater to get it to freeze

3) A higher brine/glycol reset required as the REALice-treated water freezes so much faster than hot water floods.