City of Williams Lake evaluates REALice®

City of Williams Lake evaluates REALice®

VANCOUVER – REALice® has been installed at the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex in City of Williams Lake in 2014.

Garry Breck, Facility Maintenance Coordinator, speaks about his experience with the system:

“If you can afford the Real Ice system it makes a lot of sense to put it in.

The only draw backs we found were the initial cost and you will notice it takes a little longer to fill your flood water tank on your ice re-surfacer.

Refill times will take around 10-15% longer. Not really a big deal but your staff will have to adjust their way of getting ready for ice cleans. I’m not saying this is bad thing it’s just different.

In Williams Lake we have very hard and mineralized water and we have found that the ice is as good as before the Real Ice installation if not better.

We have also noticed our ice stays much clearer than before.

We flood with 57-60 degree F water and have not had any problems at all since the system was installed.

Not to blow my own horn here but I am very particular about the quality of our ice and if this product didn’t work we wouldn’t be using it.

The cost savings on our utilities is also quite noticeably better and this is a big positive when you deal with your politicians or directors.

Last thing I will say is that I do not get any type of kick backs from Realice for giving out these endorsements.”