Rolling out REALice in Caledon

Rolling out REALice in Caledon

The town of Caledon, Ontario is a three-time repeat customer.

When another municipality just outside the greater Toronto area asked for a site visit, we were there to capture the conversation.

Join Craig Stephens, Specialist Energy and Environment, and Cam Coulter, Coordinator Operations for the Town of Caledon in this 2-minute video.

“It saves emissions, it saves energy, our Council bought in fully for it”, says Craig highlighting that the Town of Caledon uses cold water flooding technology in all of their municipal-owned and operated ice arenas.

“The quality of the ice is very similar”, explains Cam, when asked about his assessment of how ice made with REALice compares to ice made with hot water.

He continues; “It’s harder, I find, but not to the point where it’s brittle and chips away. But the puck does ring better”. To make sure it works and to prove it works, the Town of Caledon had an engineering firm come in and do an M&V to get specific answers on their savings and payback on the equipment.

“It was a wonderful scenario and clearly it was a good enough payback in all of those regards — energy, emissions and financial— for us continue forward with that to three different rinks now”, says Stephens.