REALice System Installed at Twin Rinks in Chilliwack

REALice System Installed at Twin Rinks in Chilliwack

On Friday, July 15, 2016, the City of Chilliwack, BC installed a REALice System in the Twin Rinks Arena, a facility with two NHL-sized indoor ice rinks. Although one of the twin-pads runs just 8 months a year, the other is run year round. But last week, the ice was out for both pads with the the ice-building starting on Monday to get both pads ready for the 2016-17 season. That ice will mark the start of a new era for Chilliwack, using REALice-treated water to make and maintain their ice, with real energy cost savings beginning now.

By using the REALice System, the Twin Rinks Arena will immediately begin to save the energy expenses associated with maintaining ice using extremely hot water. Last season, for example, the resurfacing water was about 70 degrees Celcius. Now, using the REALice System, the micro air bubbles that are present in unheated water will no longer be a factor as REALice removes them before the water is added to the ice resurfacer.

Because the Twin Rinks Arena shares one filling station between its twin pads, the Return of Investment (ROI) on REALice is expected to be 1.4 years. For the facility’s first year using REALice, the twin pad is expected to save over $14,000 in electricity and $10,000 in natural gas costs.

“I’m thrilled that with Chilliwack there’s yet another municipality that’s decided to adopt this technology in BC’s Lower Mainland,” says Florian Gabriel, Managing Director of SWiCH Services Inc., the distributor of REALice in Canada. “It’s a great indication of how municipalities are becoming more aware of costs and the unnecessary burden on taxpayers for avoided utility expenses.”

10 Year Energy-Saving Forecast

Over a ten-year period, the REALice System is expected to save the municipality $226,441 – which corresponds to 711,090 gallons of gasoline, taking 768 passenger cars off the road — or 93,677 trees planted.

The REALice system is available for rent, lease or outright purchase. REALice Canada is currently offering two types of rental contracts: a 12-month contract for rinks operating year-round and an 8-month contract for rinks operating for a short season. Both contracts come with an option to buy-out the technology after 6 months.

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