District of Saanich Buys Second System for Pearkes Arena

District of Saanich Buys Second System for Pearkes Arena

November 12th, 2019 – With the purchase of a second REALice system for the Green rink at the G.R. Pearkes Arena, the era of flooding ice rinks with hot water is coming to an end in Saanich, BC.

In 2016, the District of Saanich installed their first REALice system at Pearkes’ Gold rink. It would only be a matter of time, wrote Saanich News back then, until a second REALice system would be purchased for the Green rink.

Saanich News was right and now the water used to resurface all ice sheets in Saanich, already the 12th municipality with more than one REALice system across Canada, will no longer need to be warmer than 18°C  – a big step down from 70°C.

Right in time for the FortisBC rebate offer

The District of Saanich was able to benefit from the new Rink De-aerator rebate offer, receiving a point-of-sale rebate of $20,000 for the purchase of their second REALice system needed for their Green rink.

Reducing carbon footprint

The District of Saanich continues to reduce its carbon footprint by adopting REALice’s cold water flooding technology for all of their ice sheets.

The REALice system simulates hot water but without the hot water expense. It takes the micro air bubbles out of the water and lets the ice makers make strong and resilient ice.

And because the properties of the water have changed, the brine temperature must be reset warmer to maintain great ice.

Energy savings and great ice – that is too what the second REALice system is going to deliver at Pearkes’ Green rink.