Natural Gas Savings

Adding the REALice system to an ice rink’s filling station means hot water is no longer needed to make great ice. In 2014, FortisBC conducted a pilot study on REALice installations that showed a reduction of natural gas consumption by 79% — an average of 330 GJ per year per ice pad without compromising the quality of the ice.



For example: Williams Lake Cariboo Memorial Complex, twin pad

  • Previous Hydro  Average 09-2013: 711,587 kWh
  • Previous Natural Gas  Average 09-2013: 1898.0 GJ
  • 2014 with REALice Installation: 629,822 kWh / 1564.6 GJ

Energy Reduction in 5 months period: 81,765 kWh / 333.4 GJ

Calculate Your Energy Savings

Ways to measure/calculate savings with REALice®

Comparing current to previous utility bills (monitoring kWH, GJ/therm / m3 of natural gas usage/oil usage)
Monitoring compressor loads and running time and comparing with previous logs
Install separate sub-meters on compressors and logging the run time and kWh usage, i.e with Eyedro Business Electricity Monitors
Calculate savings by entering the temperature difference for resurfacing water & increase in brine temperature:

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