Interview with Håkan Grönlund on the REALice Technology

Interview with Håkan Grönlund on the REALice Technology

The benefits of REALice go way beyond simply turning off the hot water for ice making and saving money.

Håkan Grönlund from H2O Vortex / Watreco, the manufacturer, speaks about the benefits of the REALice technology. Håkan has instrumental in converting over 500 arenas world wide to REALice 3-D printed technology.

Håkan shares a bit of the history of REALice.

He also provides valuable pointers on best practices such as: why it is important not to trickle fill the ice resurfacer when using the system; and how impurities that move to the top of the ice sheet can easily be removed by incorporating a daily dry-shave routine.

For those of you who already have REALice installed this video is a valuable reminder.

For those of you contemplating making the switch, well what are you waiting for?

Make 2019 the year you deliver better quality ice and electricity and gas savings to your arena.

Click here to watch the 2 minute interview