Evolving Best Practices with REALice

Evolving Best Practices with REALice

Even though we recommend building your ice from scratch using water treated with REALice, we realize that this isn’t always possible or practical. That’s why it is also possible to apply REALice on existing ice and our Best Practices are continually evolving, based on situations encountered by operations people, in the field.

When we deliver the 3-D printed, REALice® system, it comes with two components: a wall unit that connects to the water source for your ice resurfacer, and a handheld unit that connects to a hose, which lets you build up the ice sheet and perform maintenance and repairs. The handheld unit is also equipped with the same technology as the wall unit, removing the micro air bubbles from the water so you can use unheated water to make and maintain the ice.

You can also use the equipment you have at hand to build your ice, including paint carts equipped with booms or other spray equipment. Just make sure you don’t bypass the system: the water you use needs to be water that’s been treated using the REALice system, either from the wall unit or the handheld nozzle.

Happy ice building!

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