Wayne’s Best Practices

Wayne’s Best Practices

A few weeks back we introduced Wayne Bacon, the lead hand for the Multi Rec Centre in Slave Lake, Alberta. Wayne shared how his new ice became the talk of the town.

The Buzz continued and we decided to publish a second video with Wayne.

In this short video clip, Wayne shares his experience about the morning dry scrape he incorporated, his new ice maintenance, scaring on the ice, snow build-up, and once again, what are the skaters saying.


So what do best practices look like in Wayne’s arena?

  • Avoid trickle-filling ice resurfacer – minimum static pressure 45 psi.
  • Ensure the blade is sharp and changed regularly.
  • Shave ice with each flood.
  • Build an early-morning dry-shave routine.
  • Drive slowly to clean ice: NHL: 8-10 minutes, Olympic: 10-12 minutes.
  • Reset brine temperature from 2-5°F higher with gradual 1°F increments.
  • If the indoor temperature in the arena falls below freezing, use REALice-treated tempered water.
  • Use REALice hand-held for building ice, spot maintenance and repairs.
  • REALice-treated water never needs to be dumped: it will last for the next flood – even overnight.
  • REALice water and normal water cannot be mixed: Don’t bypass the system.