MCCAC funding for Alberta rinks

MCCAC funding for Alberta rinks

Vancouver, Feb 9h, 2020 – In Alberta, municipal NHL-sized arenas no longer need energy audits to apply for funding through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s REC Program.

The MCCAC confirmed this in an email to REALice earlier this week.

Eligible municipalities, with one NHL-sized arena, can receive a rebate of up to 75% of the cost of a REALice system – without the need for an energy audit.

Required is an  current Rink Savings Profile using data from each arena, supplied by REALice to the municipality.*

Putting a Rink Savings Profile together is relatively easy. The information needed to complete this is as follows:

  • Type of water heater (tank or tankless) used for the water for the floodwater tank
  • Water heating fuel (natural gas, propane, electric, oil or reclaim heat)
  • Number of rinks 1
  • Number of filling stations (how many REALice wall units are needed?)
  • Confirm the Rink size(s) – NHL
  • Number of days per week the rink is in operation
  • Number of resurfaces per day
  • Number of shut down weeks per year
  • Capacity of resurfacing machine – 200 | 175 | 150 gallons
  • Approximate gallons of water used for each resurface
  • Incoming cold water temperature
  • Current temperature of water used for resurfacing
  • Chiller Plant Type – ammonia | freon | CO2
  • Age of Chiller Plant
  • Age of hot water heater for floodwater
  • Electric Utility Company
  • Average Blended Electric Utility Rate ___¢/kWh
  • Gas Utility Company
  • Gas Utility Rate _____

For more information and resources: 

About the Recreation Energy Conservation Program (REC)

Download MCACC REC funding application

* We are happy to support you with this application and supply supporting information (spec sheet/quote/rink savings estimate) as required.