But what about the ice quality??? 

But what about the ice quality??? 

Great question! For owners and municipalities alike, quality ice is the product you’re selling. Of course, ice quality itself is largely subjective — we’ve heard of rinks where no one ever complains until the home team loses a big game! As a rule of thumb, though, better ice:

  1. produces less snow
  2. creates fine powdered snow
  3. is clear, more transparent – so the lines and logos are clear.

That’s the kind of ice you’ll get with REALice.

Read what these REALice users have to say: 

  • Zion Cruz, Fraser Lake, BC – “We are very pleased with the results of the REALice system thus far. The users have reported very hard, consistent, and fast ice. The ice also looks very clear and has a nice sheen to it.”


  • Fred Kilner, Fuller Lake Arena, Chemainus, BC – “REALice works and making great ice comes from good ice maintenance. There’s nothing else out there that we could put in so easily and save the money we’re saving.”


  • Allen Van Velzen, Sunshine Coast Regional District, BC – “The change in the ice is hard to describe — it just feels denser.”


  • Guido Lamberti-Charles, Hockey Coach, Euro Elite Hockey, Vancouver, BC  – “Ice made with REALice is resilient and strong and allows for a faster and better hockey game.”


  • Garry Breck, Facility Maintenance Manager, Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex, Williams Lake, BC – “In Williams Lake we have very hard and mineralized water and we have found that the ice is as good as before the REALice installation if not better. We have also noticed our ice stays much clearer than before. We flood with 57-60°F water and have not had any problems at all since the system was installed. The cost savings on our utilities is also quite noticeably better and this is a big positive when you deal with your politicians or directors.


  • Larry Woodley, Manager, George Bell Arena, Toronto, ON – “I’m happily surprised because it works. My compressors never run! I’m getting notes from my staff — the compressors aren’t running any more. I can’t wait to see my next hydro bill.”


  • Ken Olson from Olson Energy Management, Oak Bay, BC – “We’re excited! The REALice system is going to save us, the community, money and greenhouse gasses,” he says. “With the energy savings we’re projecting, we’ll be able to reach our greenhouse gas reduction target of 33%, several years ahead of our 2020 target.”


  • Rob Crema, Technical Manager, PNE Arena, Vancouver, BC – “Our compressors are running approximately 25% less and the load on the hot water boilers is down over 50%. With this, we estimate on the hydro side alone over 87,000 kWh in savings during our seven-month operations period.”



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